About Directors

Dhaval is an exceptionally organized and a very versatile person with a lot of knowledge in sales, forecasting, and service. He has been the backbone of identifying the right piece of furniture for the store and also for the customers in giving the best piece of furniture to their living space. He has been in this fright through the inception of the company with us from the time Gala Furniture World was started as a very small store in Mysore road.

He is a very quick person and has a great clarity and vision in understanding the needs of every type of client and he addresses their needs so well that they leave the store with more than what they came for.

Dhaval believes in

  • Customer needs – They are a priority and satisfies them the best.He keeps a keen eye on every need of a customer.
  • Loyalty – Daval is a very honest person and gives value to every bit of rupee the furniture brings in.
  • Vision – He believes that he has to prove the best in terms of quality amongst all the other stores and constantly works towards it.
  • Standing out – With all the furniture designs, quality and cost, he believes that standing out is the only way to reach success.

Mr. Dhaval Shah

Mr. Athmaram

Athmaram is right through from those humble beginnings to where Gala¬†Furniture World stands today, Athmaram has played a very crucial role in the expansion of the store. The loyalty he has held is the guiding force for the customers today. He is an extremely creative person and the best person to answer all the customer’s queries. He made the entire service team customer focussed and a very passionate and a genuine person.

He has the innate desire to understand how the designs fit in the spaces. He gives us the right scale on what the customer wants. He believes that every piece of furniture serves as a practical object in everyone’s life.

Atmaram believes in

  • Challenge of delivering low cost – Accommodate every sale at the best cost for customers.
  • Marketing and Branding – To stand out amongst competitors with a lot of information on each piece of furniture sold.
  • Scaling up – To expand models, designs and artefacts all the time.
  • Striking the Balance – To keep the budget and the quality always at the right proportion.